Good Day Readers!

Le Spaniard and I begun speaking on Facebook in June 2016.  It was a couple of days after I’d trekked to Manchester for a gig at the Etihad Stadium (which was amazing, by the way, I was star-struck the entire concert).  I received a Facebook Message from someone I didn’t know and the curious cat within me HAD TO respond.

It turned out to be Le Spaniard, a 30 year old that lived near the Etihad Stadium and saw that I’d checked in on Facebook.  I found him to be charming, funny, intriguing and incredibly handsome.  He had the physical appearance that apparently is my type.

It was my friend Cassie back in 2007 that determined my “type”; generally tall and slim with dark brown hair.  Blue or very beautiful eyes and a very sweet smile.  My celebrity crush is probably most definitely Liam Fray.  Since then, whenever I meet anyone, I smile to myself because Cassie is yet again; so true!

But anyway, I digress.

Le Spaniard conformed to every single one of my “check boxes”.  He was 6ft3, slim (but not gangly by any means – a really good build on him), with light blue eyes (perfect peaked eyebrows and really thick dark lashes all around his eyes… so beautiful) and a really great smile.

There was only one snag.  I live about 70 mile away.

Course, it didn’t stop us moving quickly to WhatsApp and exchanging messages every day, learning about each other and at first I’d treated it as a conversation to pick up when I got bored… but within a couple of weeks I was grinning like a giddy teenager whenever I saw his name come up on my phone.  We would message throughout the working day just about silly things and making the 8 hours much more bearable.  And then he finally asked to meet me.

Actually, that’s a lie.  I’d built him up in my head so much that I wanted to see him physically.  I wanted to hear what he sounded like.  I wanted to see how he moved.  I didn’t want him to live in my head anymore.  So I told a white lie.  I said that I was dropping some friends off at the Manchester Airport one Saturday evening.  Immediately he mentioned we should meet.  Ah, I’m so clever :).

On the day, I started getting ready around 11am – bathing and removing hair from everywhere, chelating and toning my blonde locks and immersing myself with luxurious bubbles while drinking a small glass of champagne.  I spent hours applying Victoria’s Secret style make up and blow drying my hair.  I cycled through about 20 outfits only to choose the original ensemble in the end regardless.  I was excited.  I was nervous.  I was terrified.  I packed an overnight bag and left my flat at 6.30pm.

On the way I screeched my heart out in my car to Blossoms, Courteeners, Stone Roses, Oasis and Suede.  I’m a huge Madchester/Britpop/Indie fan – can you tell?

So anyway, I arrived at his flat and parked up around 8.30pm (there was roadworks after roadworks on the way).  He came out to meet me at my car, greeting me in the usual European way – a hug and a kiss on both cheeks. He towered above my tiny 5ft height. I was all flustered, but he made me feel at ease, taking my overnight bag and my arm, steering me to the flat, explaining that he’d booked the taxi for 9pm. 

We sat on his balcony, watching the dusk fall over Manchester and the lights grow brighter while sipping on a Spanish red wine and talking about our week. It was like I’d known him forever.

The taxi arrived and took us into Manchester. We sat on a rattan 2 seater outside a wine bar and drank more red wine and then he invited me to go to a pub to meet one of his friends. Feeling the warm happy effects of 2 glasses on an empty stomach, I agreed enthusiastically. Le Spaniard then hailed another taxi and we zoomed off into the night towards the outskirts of Manchester.

His friend…. Let’s call him “Le Paddy”, was in his 50’s and absolutely hilarious. He was in a group of friends around his own age and after a Budweiser we all ended up back in a taxi towards another bar… A Sports bar. A jug of Pimms later, we were on the way to Le Paddy’s house for an after party. Le Paddy served whisky and coke, and suddenly all the vinyl came out, reliving the 90’s dance scene all over again, raving in the lounge.

Le Spaniard and I left around 5am, calling a taxi to his flat. By this point, I was tired and rather drunk, and all I wanted to do was to see what Le Spaniard felt like. Seeing and hearing him in the flesh was no longer enough. I needed more. 

It was in the taxi back to his that we shared our first kiss. Finally. I almost heard the chorus of “Hallelujah!” in my head. Then we kissed again. It felt wonderful. 

We kissed some more in the taxi up to his flat. We kissed while he fumbled with the keys in his lock. We kissed right up to his bed… And that’s when I remembered: if I like someone, don’t give the goods away. 

But I was really, really in the mood. Believe me, it took all of my strength to get off his bed and remove myself to the bathroom, changing into my silk teddy and removing my make up, brushing my teeth and then tentatively sneaking back into his room. It ended up with us both naked and me giving him a blow job. 

The next morning, I woke up with nothing on, no sheets on, and Le Spaniard beside me, exactly the same. And then I realised why: it was bloody boiling. My hangover was raging, I ended up downing 3 pints of water to try to stop my shakes. No such luck. I took a freezing cold shower. No such luck. I eventually resorted to the King of all Hangover Cures; the McDonalds. I ordered half of the board, much to Le Spaniard’s amusement. 

After my legs became a little more stable, we ventured around Manchester, walking around the City Centre and then around the Cathedral (Le Spaniard is the 2nd European to take me around a Cathedral on a “date”… Is it the norm in Europe??!). We took lunch in Cafe Nero, and then made our way back to my car. I dropped him back home, and then I left Manchester.

On the journey back, sitting in traffic, he admitted he really liked me, that he wants to come to my city to visit me. I was over the moon.

Last week he visited a few friends in Latvia for a few days, and tomorrow he leaves for his homeland, Spain, for 10 days. We have arranged to meet in my city on 10th September. 

I’m so excited. I’m looking at restaurants to book and an itinerary of events. I’m booking hair appointments and scouring the shops for outfits and underwear. I’m even trying to get my decorating finished in my lounge… Everything needs to be “perfect” hehe. 

So, that brings you up to date on my life so far! Phew! 

It’s been a pleasure, treasure…




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