My Birthday!

Hello My Lovelies

Welcome back to my blog, and the latest installment to my life. My fabulous, wonderful life.  Can you hear the sarcasm?  I’m not usually like this as I’m generally a happy go lucky girl.  But…  just to warn you – this one is a long one!

I took a few vacation days from work until yesterday, to celebrate myself becoming yet another year older and spending time reminiscing over years gone by. I’ve also been gifted with a rather fabulous cold too, which really put a dampener on things for me.  A wonderful, thoughtful gift, thank you very much Mother Nature!

As you can imagine, the days around my birthday that I fully intended on spending with my family and friends gave way to mountains of tissues, Gossip Girl on the TV, YouTube/Pinterest Overload and a mahoosive dent in my bank balance. When I’m bored I spend money and buy things.

It all began when I got my cold (obviously) and I was stuck indoors with only my cats for company. It’s all very well until I remember I can’t actually speak Cat.  I can understand it a little, but I’m not very well versed.  My poor little kitties have to repeat and even show me what it is they want before I realise what they’re saying to me.

Anyway, when I was fed up of watching Gossip Girl and cleaning and blowing my nose, I turned to reflect on my past year in a very basic nutshell. Beginning the last year (October Birthday to October Birthday), I’d been involved with Le Bohemian, I’d raced down to Torquay to see him when he was in distress (a whole new ballgame to the Damsel in Distress, but I’m sure that’s for another day), I’d had my heart broken by him.  I’d met Le Modfather and got into some weird relationship that lasted a few months only for me to eventually decide I’d had enough of that one when he kept blocking me on Facebook.  I’d had a brief fling with Le Italian Stallion – I’ve not actually mentioned him yet in my blog but he does blow up my Whatsapp every now and then.  I got a new job in the midst of all this… and then eventually Le Spaniard arrived.

As well as that, I tend to find that as well as New Year, my Birthday is a day to create new resolutions, new goals, to reassess my life and see where it’s going, and to change the direction if I don’t feel it’s quite right for me. It’s a new beginning.

For me this year, I wanted to change up my wardrobe. For some reason, I’d felt so dissatisfied a few weeks ago while pulling out my last year’s jumpers and poncho’s from Autumn-Winter 2015 to change my summer wardrobe to reflect the current season.  The 1970’s bohemian trend that I absolutely adore just didn’t speak to me at all.

I wanted to feel girly. I wanted tons of pink, I wanted rose gold.  I wanted polka dots and bows and fuzzy jumpers and sparkle.  I wanted to feel like a glamorous lady.  I wanted to feel feminine and pretty and cute and sophisticated and youthful and classy.  After all, I was another year older, right?

So, to Pinterest I went, typing in things like “girly” “ladylike” “glamour” “feminine” and I was met with fluff, sparkle, feathers, bows, pinkness…  amazing outfits on beautiful women, feminine poses, gorgeous surroundings… suddenly nothing I owned and the freshly decorated living room I was lounging in was good enough anymore.  I felt disgusted with myself and my life.  Ask my Best Man Friend (who I’ll refer to as BMF from now on) and he’ll be the first to tell you that I’m perhaps the most girlish lady he knows.  I’m always polished up, I’m always presentable and “pretty” and elegant.  He’s admitted that he dresses up to come over to visit me.  But he doesn’t see the times I’m lounging around in a man’s black oversize dressing gown with my hair in a mess and my nail polish is full on chipped.

Sometimes, I see myself as the girl in the black oversize dressing gown far too much, even if I’m wearing a pretty dress and heels. So, this year, I’m aiming to feel my best as much as I can.  I think if you think you look your best, you feel more confident and happy in your skin.

With that in mind, I purchased a new Christian Lacroix handbag – it’s perfect – small handles mean I can’t swing it over my shoulders – I HAVE to place it in the crook of my arm or hold the straps in my hand.

I purchased a Kate Spade Black and White striped Phone Case even though for years I’d hated those items and anything to do with the brand – but they just seemed to make sense all of a sudden.

I must have felt this pink girly surge coming on before my birthday as I’d purchased a fuchsia purse while in Manchester a couple of week back. The black Handbag and the pink Purse really go amazingly well together.  I’d also purchased my favourite perfume – Victoria’s Secret Angel’s Only (which they’ve discontinued but you can find it on e-bay still, thank goodness!).

I purchased a few dresses – 2 black dresses that are round neck, ¾ sleeve, fit and flare to the knee style – really pretty to be dressed down for daytime, smart for work and up for evenings. They’re absolutely perfect and exactly what I look for in outfits as they’re pretty much a blank canvas ready to style to the occasion.  I also purchased a dusky pink chiffon floaty dress that has a cute little black bow on the neckline that I absolutely adore – can be paired with black tights and shoes and a blazer for autumn and winter, or with nude heels for summertime.  Perfect.

I purchased a few tops – a white and black polka dot sleeveless vest with a bow on the neckline again, as well as a white T-shirt with black piping and a black bow on the neckline again – do you see a theme here? Also purchased a gold slouchy jumper and a gold shimmery partying top.

I got a pink and a black cardigan, a pink skirt, a dusky pink tulle skirt (which I’m unsure I’ll ever wear, but still).

I purchased lacy pretty underwear with dainty and pretty rose gold metal hook and eyes and strap adjusters instead of boring plain white or black plastic.

I purchased a lot of Benefit Make Up; Hoola Bronzer, Dandelion Brightening Face Powder, Coralista and Rockateur Blush, Eyeliner and They’re Real Mascara, as well as a YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Shade 44 Lipstick.

I then purchased the daintiest Ted Baker Rose Gold Necklace and an even daintier Ted Baker Rose Gold Bangle… and then some teeny-tiny Rose Gold Studded Earrings…

Once I was finished with myself, I purchased a desktop make up organiser and a jar of white peonies and a white candle for my dressing table in an attempt to make me want to utilise it more often!

I’ll be the first one to admit I prefer comfort over style/elegance/glamour etc, but I’m hoping that these compromises will upgrade my look a little more from the everyday boho-chic look I’ve been sporting for the last 12 years. It’s time for me to become a woman in everyday life, methinks!

Course, I’ve had a blast pulling all the browns and the oranges and the yellows and the creams and the greens and the blues from my wardrobe as well as the surprisingly uninspiring chunky 70’s boho looks I’d placed into my wardrobe from last year. My wardrobe feels uncluttered, clean, pretty and feminine.  Hopefully this will be the start of things to come and I’ll find myself wearing more pretty and feeling more girly!

And so, after that extremely long blog post, which I actually adored writing about as I’m a complete shopaholic and I love style, I love feeling feminine, I quite enjoy beauty products etc… tomorrow is my 4th date with Le Spaniard. I’m super excited and nervous as usual, but I’m under added pressure: I’m going to watch a Football match in Manchester! We are going to the pubs with his friends before and afterwards, and I have no idea, absolutely no idea, what to wear! I want to wear something warm and comfortable as I’ll be standing in the rafters in the cold, with my damned cold, for 2 hours or so. I’ll also be seeing his friends before and afterwards so I want to wear something really nice too. How the deuce do you combine the two?!

Until next time, it’s been a pleasure treasure!




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