It’s almost time…

For date no.5 with Le Spaniard. And my, oh my, am I excited. Please forgive me: hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

So, as I was saying, it’s almost time for me to put my best foot forward and shine for Le Spaniard. It was been a whole month since we saw eachother last and damn, I can tell: my heart aches so much!

Last time we saw eachother, I was donning jeans and a t-shirt and a parker coat for the football, so I wanted to make sure we could do something that would enable me to wear something a little more… sexier, should we say. 

Racking my brains, I thought of where we could go, when my BMF turned around notifying me he was having his birthday night out in the Big City and I absolutely had to go. He promised glamour and a strip of glittering bars containing beautifully attired people all having lots of fun – the exact scene I wanted to show to Le Spaniard.

No sooner had I been notified of that, I think I had a split second basking in the excitement that my friends were going to be meeting Le Spaniard and I’d be able to show Le Spaniard our Big City (as opposed to our Local City), I was stressing again: hosting is so bloody difficult! It suddenly dawned on me, my car needed cleaning, my home needed to be in tip top condition and I needed to be in tip top condition. 

The last few weeks, you see, I’ve been really sort of… low. And when I’m low, my diet goes out of the window and I eat. McDonald’s, KFC, Chinese, Burger King, Pub Food, Chocolate, Biscuits… I crave naughty food! As a result, 2 weeks of binge eating provided me 7lbs. And it needed to go. Fast. 

I knew I could easily just carry on and get to 10lbs heavier, but the night before seeing Le Spaniard and certainly the morning of, I’d be standing in front on the mirror wishing I’d done something sooner. So on Sunday, I decided, Juice Plus shakes only and Boosters until Sunday. 6 days of pure shake up to my regime. I’d ramped up the gym anyway, but I added in spinning classes too. I’m now 4 days into the “shred” and 6lbs down. Feeling amazing. 

I went shopping for a new dress last Friday and purchased a slip dress in a bronze colour, I have rose gold jewellery, and I have a golden blonde hair colour to put on… and a very soft nude pink to put on my nails. 

I’m determined to feel amazing for when Le Spaniard arrives. 

I now have 2 more evenings to cram everything in: 

I need rose gold shoes!

I need a rose gold bag!

I need to feel clean my home!

I need to dye my hair!

I need to paint my nails!

I need to fit in another workout!

I need to clean my car!

Agh! I’m stressing out! 

Fingers crossed everything all goes well… I’m so excited!!!

Until next time, it’s been a pleasure, treasure!




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