The Rev Up

Hello Everyone and Welcome Back to my Blog!

It’s almost that time again. Le Spaniard will be meeting me off the train in a mere days time and I am ecstatic about it! It means I’m back on the quick shred to remove that pesky pouch, I’m scrutinising my pores and my wrinkles and my spots, I’m working out more in the gym, I’m prepping and exfoliating my skin… 

The week after Le Spaniard usually consists of a few naughty fast food meals, relaxing on the old gym workouts a bit, lapsing on my extensive skincare regime… wow reading all that back makes me sound like a slob! But I promise, it’s only for a few days. Then I’m back at it, sluggish after the rest.

I’m usually then knowing when we will be seeing eachother again, and usually what we will be doing, so I can begin planning my outfits accordingly. It all begins with me imagining the scenario.

For example, this weekend we will be going to the Christmas Market in Manchester. We have a Christmas Market in our Larger City, and I’ve been to that a number of times, so I know what the general theme is. The wooden cabins with hatches; selling candles and toys and mulled wine and chocolate marshmallows and frankfurter’s etc. Gosh I’m getting excited just picturing the scenery! 

Anyway, I usually picture that first, along with the time of day we are going and day… we are going on Friday and it will be evening when we get there, so it will be extra busy, dark and cold. 

Then I think about who will be there… will it be just us 2 or will there be a group? At the moment I think it’s going to be just us 2 but I’m checking that out as we speak ;). 

I picture us clinking tankards of beer together, warming our hands up, laughing as we talk about our 2 weeks apart and the things that have happened, sampling the frankfurters, taking silly pictures, sniffing the candles, trying on the fun hats, getting a hot chocolate with Baileys in and getting a selfie of us both by the Christmas Tree.

So, as I’m imagining those scenarios, I’m also paying attention to the ambience, the mood I want to portray. For me, I want to feel Christmassy and happy and romantic and girly. 

I then think about what clothing I associate with all of those things, and match them up with the location, weather, time of day etc, to see if they match up well. 

My idea is to wear a lovely Paige & Willow fluffy off white large roll neck jumper-dress, with black thermal tights and black low heel ankle boots (so that I can walk around pretty easily). I’ve managed to find a great little natural colour shearling jacket by Next too, which I’m so pleased to have found.

For Saturday, I’ve been notified we are going on a pub crawl with his friends (uh-oh!), I’m thinking something along the lines of a burgundy button down corduroy A Line skirt and a natural colour light knit jumper tucked in… of course with black tights and ankle boots! The old shearling jacket will keep me warm too!
Sunday will require skinny jeans, a longline white top and a white fluffy cardigan. Brown knee high boots will finish my ensemble perfectly :).
This weekend, I’ve paid special attention to my underwear (which makes no sense as he usually just tears it off as soon as we get into bed!) and I’ve purchased the prettiest silk and lace combination from Pour Moi?, one of my favourite brands. It’s vintage pink on baby pink, absolutely stunning, and the detailing! Oh! They fit amazingly well and are incredibly supportive, more so than other brands that I have worn in the past. Pour Moi? Enable me to wear my beautiful garments as everyday items rather than as intimate goods to be worn only on “special occasions”. They’re my go-to brand as a 32E wearer that absolutely abhors padded bras but equally despises those grannified beige lace contraptions. Pour Moi? Is sexy and romantic and pretty and feminine and practical and functional and comfortable all in one: a definite win win as far as those of us that find it difficult to find bras in our size.

But anyway, as well as that set, I’ve also got a gorgeous burgundy set that I feel so pretty in, I absolutely cannot wait to wear this one for Le Spaniard!

As you may have read, Le Spaniard wanted to wait until we were sure that we wanted this to work. 5 months on and we are still happy with getting to know eachother, so it’s only natural that we are going to be wanting more now. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened sooner, if truth be told… I actually applaud myself for managing to not get myself into that position. 

All of my life I have succumbed to the charms of these mini relationships only to be tossed aside and have my feelings hurt time and time again. To me, sex is the final gateway into my heart and soul. When I have sex with someone, I’m putting my heart on the line; I’m falling for someone, I’m exposing my soul to someone, I’m trusting someone with my feelings. I don’t have the capacity to compartmentalise or distinguish sex from love… but hey, I guess it’s a female trait. We can multi task, men can compartmentalise. 

So it kind of feels nice that we have allowed feelings to blossom slowly and not have sex complicate things. Something I absolutely recommend!
But anyway, with just 42 hours to go until my train, I. Eat get back to the prepping haha!

Until next time, it’s been a pleasure treasure!




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