The Toothbrush

Just thought I had to share this…

As I made my way through my evening routine removing my make up at my dressing table and then moving on to my bathroom to brush my teeth ready for bed, I noticed something lime green lurking in the corner of my eye. 

Le Spaniard had planted a toothbrush next to my pink one. I was delighted, and I’ve got into bed with the biggest grin on my face as neither of us have ever left an article at each other’s places. All week I’m going to grin when I peer over at my sink to see the lime green toothbrush right next to my pink one.

I wonder if he did it deliberately, or whether I’m going to get a message at 6am in the morning pissed off that he’d forgotten his toothbrush?

If it’s deliberate, it feels like the first reach out to ingrain himself into my life, to leave a little reminder that although he can’t be here all the time, he will be here in the articles he leaves and will act as triggers to make me think of him (as if I don’t do enough of that already!). Oddly enough, I thought to myself earlier that I ought to make up a little wash bag filled with body sprays and hairsprays (yeah he uses hairspray!) and deodorant and body wash that I know he likes (I’ll have to find out his favourites when I’m here next weekend), along with some slippers and maybe a dressing gown just so that he feels a little more comfortable here.

What does leaving the humble toothbrush at a partners’ home symbolise to you?




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