Until Friday…

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!
This weekend has shot by in a blur. Seeing Le Spaniard always makes me happy, but when he leaves merely 24 hours after arriving, I feel a little low and I yearn for the next time I see him again.

I picked him up yesterday at the train station, almost not recognising him with a clean shaven face. It’s perhaps the first time I’ve ever seen him clean shaven in person. It took some getting used to!
We made our way to my car and I drove us to mine. He loved my tree and decorations (silver, white and teal blue) and we drank tea, watched a bit of TV and then got ready to meet my parents for the first time.
Going for a meal with my parents was great, my parents really got on well with Le Spaniard and really enjoyed his company. My mum said to me during a bathroom break that he comes across as genuine and very easy to get on with. 
Part way through the evening, I noticed he was sweating a lot. His forehead was drenched. I put it down to nerves. It wasn’t until we got home that he was really ill. 
Turns out, his Work’s Christmas Meal was at a restaurant in Manchester the evening before and whatever he’d eaten was playing on his stomach comethi g rotten.
All through the night he was up and down, really ill.
This morning, he refused any food whatsoever and took a slightly earlier train back home. Poor Le Spaniard had to stand the entire way back to Manchester too.
He apologised and apologised to me for his illness, but I told him it was absolutely ok, that we would see each other ill eventually. 
I’m going there on Friday until Sunday, just got to get this week out of the way. The weekend will be our last time we see eachother until the New Year, as he travels back to his family on 22nd December until 4th Jan, and then on 6th he flies out to Madrid for his cousins wedding. It’s highly likely that we don’t see eachother after next week until mid January… something I’m feeling quite sad about. 
But I have a few nice presents for him to open, which I’ll be taking up there for him the weekend. I’m so excited for him to open them, I hope that he will next weekend! 
Until then, it’s been a pleasure treasure… as always!


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