I Love You?

Hi everyone and welcome back!

The weekend was the last time Le Spaniard and I would see eachother for 3 weeks. He is travelling over to his hometown in Spain in a couple of days time and will be over there for Christmas and New Year. Then he has a wedding to attend, so our next time together will be in 3 weeks.

I travelled to Manchester on Friday afternoon with his presents, met him after work at the train station and dropped everything off at his apartment before changing into a little black dress and sparkly shoes then taking a taxi to a beautiful wine bar in the city centre. After that, we had a table booked in a local Italian restaurant before taking a bottle of champagne back to celebrate his flat mates all clear health results and my new job.

Saturday morning we woke up with a really really bad hangover, and curled up in bed together until around midday and then headed over to IKEA. Le Spaniard learned of my love of Ikea a few weeks ago and told me he would show me their local store.

Afterwards, we got changed at met Le Spaniards friend, Le Paddy, in a bar. Before we knew it, we were in a cocktail bar and and then on to the famous gay village, Canal Street.

While in one of the bars, Le Spaniard and I were talking of something and I am pretty sure he said “I love you”, because I remember freezing and my mouth dropping open.

Course, I’m not positive that’s what he said because we had both drank quite a bit of alcohol at this point. How on earth do you broach that subject? “Oh, on Saturday night I am pretty sure you told me you love me, but I just want to confirm that’s what you said?” Ermmmm… no thanks. Most awkward question of all time award ;).

Sunday morning, we had tea in bed and I made him open his Christmas presents. I’d purchased him a few bits and bobs; a heat activated Pikachu Mug, a CD, loungewear, a leather Saville Row passport holder and luggage tag and a roulette shot drinking game.

We then went to meet Le Spaniards’ friends (Le Model and Le Paddy et al) and went to the Etihad to watch Man City take on Arsenal. Afterwards, he took me to the train station and saw me onto the train.

And that’s that… 2016 wrapped up!

Next year Le Spaniard wants to go away for a city break and I’ll probably meet his parents. Next year, his goals are to get on the road here in the UK and save up to buy a house. There’s a lot coming up, and lots to look forward to.

See you in 3 weeks time, have a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year… keep dating savvy people!

Until then, it’s been a pleasure, treasure!




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