Welcome to 2017!

We made it!

I’d been meaning to write between Christmas and New Year, but in all honesty, with no dates to write about, I thought it was not what you’d want – you know, a blog about my dating life and suchlike, and I’m not even writing about that?  But then, I thought – heck, I’ve written about style and fashion before, I can squeeze an off topic post in here and there, right?  Besides, it’s my blog, and my brain.. I’ll do as I please 😉

But first of all, a very happy New Year to you and yours.  I do hope it’s a good one for you.

Observing the actions and habits and relief of others over years gone by (and of course, this one is no exception) the New Year seems to give people relief and the chance to “start over”, “start afresh”; The New Years’ Resolution.  The promises whispered they will eat better, they will lose weight, they will write that book they’ve been meaning to pull out of them, they will get that promotion, or look for work elsewhere.  Such promises rarely materialise.

One year ago, on New Years’ Eve 2015, I spent it with my parents, completely single with no prospects in sight; in a function room at our local pub, surrounded by other 50-plus year old couples.  It was my resolution that I would not be alone, in the same predicament by next New Years’ Eve.

Life and the universe has a funny way of delivering that promise.  You see, a while back, I read a book that altered the way I feel about everything; The Secret.  Basically, you ask for something, and the universe delivers… and sometimes in the most unexpected way.

Last Night I was again with my parents, in the same function room, alone amongst a sea of happy couples partying the night away and anxiously awaiting their first kiss of 2017.  Yet it was different.  I’d asked to not be in the same predicament as the prior year, and the universe delivered.  I may have been “alone”, but I certainly wasn’t lonely.

So I chuckled to myself and realised that my wish had indeed been granted, leading me to Le Spaniard halfway through the year.  Although he wasn’t with me physically last night to share our first kiss of 2017, I was thinking of him, and in contact with him throughout the night, and missing him terribly.

I suppose what I’m saying, is that whatever your resolution is this year, look back at the end of the year and you’ll see, when you were least expecting it, and in the most oddball of ways, our wishes are granted by the universe after all.

Another way the universe responded to my wishes was when I lost my job in November.  It looked bleak, I was applying for more than 20 jobs a day, getting rejection after rejection in my field of work.  When I did get interviews, It was a 2 or 3 panel structured interview which sort of made me uncomfortable and nervous.  But eventually after a dozen of them, I started wondering why a manager would need 2 or 3 people, over 2-3 interviews?  Are managers really that afraid or incapable of making a lone decision these days?  How do business move forward in this day and age if 4 people are required to make a unanimous decision?  Isn’t the reason why a manager is in place, to make decisions and drive the workforce, and take the responsibility if (and when… because after all, we’re all human!) a mistake is made?  I began to feel the whole thing was a joke.  I was getting frustrated of being knocked back because 1 of 3 people in the 3rd and final interview may not have liked the way I said “um” in the interview or how I initiated conversation with them after the interview while being lead toward the exit, politely asking if they were all set for Christmas yet, or even better, how one of the interviewers was concerned that my 8 year stint for a structured bank (with no regard for the other kind of businesses I’d worked for afterwards) meant that I wouldn’t be able to settle into a more unstructured business model… sigh.  Assumptions, assumptions.  But I regress.  It all lead me to this:

On the 2nd December I spotted a job that wasn’t in my field, that had been posted within the hour.  It sounded perfect.  The job was ME; there was no part of the job description that I could have asked for more.  Varied – check, fast-track into management within a couple of months – check, a fun and exciting product that enabled me to work with some of the most famous and fun brands in the world – check, the opportunity to learn and push myself – check!  I pressed the apply button faster than I could even allow my brain to catch up with my excitement.  But then reality sank in and I began to doubt myself – I was well versed in Sales, within a very specific, niche market that was difficult to get out of.  I prepared myself for yet another rejection email, or worse yet, nothing at all (yeah, ghosting doesn’t just happen in dating, I’ve found it happens in recruitment as well!).

Within 3 hours, I’d got an interview set up for 14th December.  I could hardly believe it!

On 14th December, I arrived on site for my interview and had the most bizarre interview I’ve ever had in my life – the company were in the process of moving premises and everything was everywhere – people were rushing around clearing up as quickly as possible and the interview took place in the main office, surrounded by people shouting to others and sorting through items.  The Managing Director didn’t have a structured approach to the interview at all – it was the most informal interview of my life thus far – she only asked me one question… “so tell me what you’ve been up to?”  To which we then entered into a really informal conversation of my past work experience, my strengths, what I was looking for now, what I wanted to progress towards, talking about the product and how interesting it is (and believe me, it really is!) and how it has elements of fun and nostalgia and bordering on “gimmicky”, for want of a better word.  I left the interview a mere 25 minutes after arriving, feeling empty and unsure as to whether I’d performed as good as I could.  I thought of things I’d not mentioned to the Managing Director; things that I thought would have helped my application further.

I drove to my parents and sat with my mum, lifeless, feeling as though I’d botched yet another interview up.  We sat with a cup of tea and I told my mum that I felt as though the job I’d really wanted, I didn’t really have a chance at the interview because it had been so informal.  I told her that at this point, what I wished for most in the world for Christmas was a job to start the beginning of January 2017.

My phone pinged 3 hours after my interview and it was an e-mail coming through, my mum said I ought to take a look at my phone in case it was feedback from another of my many failed interviews or a new job that matched my skill set on the job-sites.

The first thing I did when I saw it was the Managing Director was sigh.  In the recruitment world; or so I’ve been taught, the successful applicant is contacted by telephone and delivered the good news, which is then usually followed up with an e-mail and a contract.  Once that is sorted, the unsuccessful candidates usually get the rejection e-mail.

So you can imagine my feelings when I saw the Managing Director’s name come up on my e-mail.  I braced myself for the next rejection and opened the e-mail.  It was to notify me that I’d been successful, and that I was to begin in January 2017.

I absolutely broke down with emotion at that point, I hadn’t realised how stressed and tense I’d been until that point.  I still feel that the universe was listening to me, that it knew how I felt about those structured 2-3 panelist interviews spanning 2-3 interviews, about really wanting to leave the industry I was in and most of all, about leaving sales.  It aligned me to a family business, a really cool and fun product, a rapidly growing company with huge potential, management pathway, and most of all, a manager that is perfectly capable of executing decisions all by herself and happy to take ownership of those decisions.

Even just before I met Le Spaniard; I wished to meet someone who I’d have that all consuming infatuation for, which would roar on for months and the echo of it never fully fade, but give way to intrigue, intellect, fun, companionship, courtship, happiness, contentedness, wholeness and absolute pure love that was reciprocated.  While things are still new with Le Spaniard, I’m feeling that roar raging on within me and I have a glow that could be mistaken for “completely smitten”!

And so, I go into 2017 with a beautiful relationship and a new job with the unknown before me in both area’s.  But for once, I’m not frightened about not knowing, because this New Year, I’ve given thanks to the past year and I now live in the mindset that whatever I need, the universe will provide it in some way for me; be it in a life lesson through experience, help or assistance, or some answer, or something else – I just need to look around me for clues, and to listen… and not until I’m ready to receive it.

How has your year been?

Until next time, it’s been a pleasure, treasure!




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