The Drought Ends!

Oh wow… finally!

Saturday was the first time I’d seen Le Spaniard since before Christmas. I’m not going to lie to you: it felt like our first meeting all over again. I was so nervous I could hardly breathe as I waited for his train to pull into the station.

And then suddenly he was here, and nothing else mattered: I’d rushed straight from a hair appointment which was kind of a disaster (I wanted to go whiter blonde… I got bleached but it was still really harsh and required serious toning… something I didn’t have time to do at all) but it didn’t matter, I’d got nothing planned for us whatsoever, but it didn’t matter, I had been living on Shakes for 6 days prior and felt quite faint, but it didn’t matter, my fingernail and toenail polish didn’t match, but it didn’t matter… all of the little things that is been focusing on became nonexistent. It was amazing. 

We drove back to mine and sorted a coffee, chatting non-stop about Christmas, new year and 2 weddings he’d attended (which he’d asked me to go but as I was beginning a new job I’d not been able to attend).

He finally gave me his Christmas gifts: chocolate and muffins that are only available in Spain over the Festive Season, a grey chunky scarf that he’d picked up on his indirect flight travels (Munich) and a TV box with loads of channels accessible via the internet.

We got ready and went for food, and then a few drinks with my parents, before going to play pool and air hockey at my local bowling hall.

Saturday was our 2nd attempt at sex, and again, it was wonderful. We weren’t drunk like the first time, I also realised that I didn’t feel self conscious or nervous around him at all, it was like we were just helping eachother feel good and express our feelings… actually, it felt more than that, I can’t explain it.

Sunday morning I got up and remembered my awful hair, so I rushed to the local shopping centre, leaving Le Spaniard in bed, came across this miracle toner by Bleach London called “White Toner” and managed to tone my hair while he was still sleeping! 

The colour is phenomenal, I highly recommend anyone with platinum hair goals, or brassy hair to use this toner. I also bought the silver shampoo but I’ve not tried it yet, I’m going to wait a couple of washes to see how the toner fares first.

We were lazy all day, hanging out on the sofa and watching CSI. It felt great to be able to lie my head on his lap and feel him stroke my hair as I watched TV.

It was over too soon though, he left 26 hours after arriving and as I left his platform once the train had departed, I could feel my eyes stinging and I wanted to cry and cry and catch the next train to Manchester after him…

But instead I booked one for Friday evening so I can travel to him after work 🙂 

That’s my half hour lunch up now… just thought I should catch you up!

Until next time, it’s been a pleasure treasure!




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