I’m so sorry!

Agh, guys, I’ve been AWOL, my apologies!

Things haven’t been great at work, my new colleague has been reluctant to show me anything in my new job and excluding me as much as possible… and she is in the inner “clique” with the director so it’s even worse. 

What made things reach boiling point today was when I approached the director to speak with her about my first pay, which had been incorrect as my salary “hourly rate” was well below the advertised rate and I’d even had it confirmed by the Branch Manager before she’d left for Maternity. 

Without checking anything, the director told me my hourly rate was correct and I was wrong. So I assured her that I’d received confirmation from the Branch Manager in email, and that even though I’d taken a pay cut to go to the company, I absolutely was not able to take THAT drastic a cut. She then preceded to tell me that if that was the case I ought to leave, that the salary was certainly not what I thought it was and she would find the original advert out and the email from the Branch Manager (and believe me, I have a screenshot of the advert, as well as confirmation of the salary from the Branch Manager on an email, I know I’m right). I told her that I had a mortgage, lived alone etc, and therefore I was unable to just up and walk out of a job like that. I told her to let me take a look at my finances etc to see if I would be able to survive on the wage. She said that if I could let her know as soon as possible, that would be good.

I thought that was the end of it, until 15 minutes later when I was taken into another office and notified that I was provided 1 week notice and as I was still under trial period, She had the right to not provide me with a reason… and that IF the advert was incorrect and they did owe me money, they would pay me what they owed me.

And that was it. 

Talk about stunned! So yeah, I had a bit of a bad day, and worst of it all, I have to go in until Thursday, with no real time out to enable me to speak with recruiters or potential employers. 

Of course, Le Spaniard has been perfect as usual, in my corner hot headed about everything while I’ve been the voice of reason behind it all. It just means that yet again for the 2nd time in my life and just 3 months after my last tiny stint, I’m unemployed and feeling bloody awful.

Has anyone ever had something like that happen to them?


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