The Breakdown

Friday I took the train to Manchester to see Le Spaniard for the first time in 2 weeks. This was going to be our Valentines Weekend. We had a posh Italian restaurant in the city booked and our cards and presents ready. 

I arrived, we went for a couple of drinks and then we went back to his flat and had a night in with his flatmate, exchanged gifts (I got artificial pink tulips in a vase I’d been lusting after in T K Maxx) and got a bit too drunk. Attempted to sleep together but I fell asleep as he was running around looking for a condom. Romantic, huh?

Saturday we went around the shops, popped over to his friends house (Le Paddy) and as I was so tired (I’ve not been sleeping due to stress of losing my job… again!) I crawled back to bed and had a nap before we had to get ready for the restaurant. 

The restaurant was busy and exciting. Waiters milled about and just about every aspiring footballer and model was there. On the table next to us, a pouty, whiny young woman was complaining about everything, pouting like a diva and her partner was embarrassed and trying to stop her causing a scene. Apart from that, the food was amazing and we had such an amazing experience there. 

Afterwards, we were bought back down to earth in a more affordable bar, where Le Spaniard dropped out that next week he is in Poland with his flatmate. Pressure and stress, no sleep, my mums words “it’s all on his terms” and all of my feelings towards him came to the surface and I couldn’t hold it all in. I clammed up and managed to keep my tears in as we got a taxi back, but then ended up bawling until about 2am on the sofa with a cup of tea and a blanket. 

Luckily, he was amazing, asking me to tell him how I am feeling, and telling me he was concerned to see me like this, that I am incredibly strong, asking what he could do to help me through. 

I left him with a request for a solution to our dilemma: how do we see eachother more often?

Stay tuned to find out our solution!

Much love, and as always, it’s been a pleasure treasure!




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