Background Info

Hi, I’m Unlucky in Love, and this is my site where I document all of my tried, tested and failed romances.  Think of this as a pamphlet on what NOT to do when you’re dating ;).

By daytime I’m a Pen-Pusher in the UK, and by night I’m usually attempting to navigate the awful, misunderstood and ever evolving playground also known to our lovely American Cousins as “Dating”.

I’m 30, blonde, petite with hazel eyes.  I’m a huge romantic.  I cry at RSPCA adverts and Romantic Comedies.  I love to read.  I’m nostalgic – the 60’s and 70’s should have been my decades.  I adore vinyl and vintage stores.

I’m also really private, so I’ll be going by the name of Elle (“L”, for Love) for the duration of this blog.  I’m going to share all of the mucky details with you.  Trust me…  I’m baring ALL.